Is getting admission to NID Ahmedabad very difficult ?

Give it a try, you will come to know.

For me, NID is the easiest yet very interesting exam i ever attempted and i always thank people who actually created that exam and that institute.

The kind of questions they ask is very close to what a creative person thinks on a daily basis. ( ex:- A problem solving approach for becoming a product designer ).

and the way they select candidates is also fantastic, unlike IIT/IIMs where 99 % ppl will write 1 correct answer to get in, NID look for 1 % ppl who give 99% different answers.

so, its super easy if you can think like a designer and enjoy looking at things differently.

its super easy if the existing world is boring for you and you feel the need to create something new and better, everyday.

its super easy if you forget to eat food while think/working on your ideas.

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