How is life at NID?

For me life at NID was a big time eye-opener. there were thousands of “Achha aisa bhi hota hai duniya main” moments. few things you will understand and most things you will wonder, so it will be full of ” why, why, why not” and less of “OK”.

Overall, a curious and sensitive mind will always enjoy because NID never forces anything on you. The best thing i like is that there is no concept of topper of the class/batch, we were all equal and treated the same. Its a life where you can enjoy being in different plane of thoughts, ideas, beliefs and will not be judged. you will be respected for your work and nothing else. you will feel like from a metro city traffic you reached to a big, empty, quiet football field and there is no one to disturb you. play, dance, sleep, shout do whatever you enjoy.

After a semester you will feel like “yahi life hai” why the outside world is not this open and free.

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